Do you own a small local business in Sydney, and you are looking for a top-notch SEO company that can help you create a solid online presence? Don’t fret. You have an endless list on your table. While some profit-hungry agencies are out there to lure you with unrealistic promises, Sydney remains one of the places you can find the best SEO agency for your small local business.

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This list contains the names of the most trusted SEO agencies in Sydney committed to helping small local businesses gain international patronage by putting them on the first page of every search result. 

1. Convert

Convert is a superior digital marketing agency located in Sydney. The agency has gained client s recommendations, having worked with small and large businesses using strategic and creative perspectives to evolve local companies. 

Convert stands at the top of this list because it is an SEO agency ready to build a small local business from scratch and elevate it to a height that other competitors cannot reach. 

Convert work with their clients as a business partner. The agency is passionate about creating an active always-buzzing online presence in alignment with your business goals.

2. WebFX

WebFX has what it takes to help your business soar higher in search results, convert leads, and generate revenue. This digital marketing firm is one of the most tested trusted SEO companies within the boundaries of Sydney and beyond. The agency is well known for its passion for growing slam local businesses through custom digital marketing strategies from SEO to PPC. 

This agency has grown to full stature in the SEO industry, having served for several years with commitment and passion. 

3. Uppers 

Uppers is a top-notch digital service company offering end-to-end web design, web development, email production services, and everything related to digital marketing. Though the agency domiciles in Sydney, its services are globally recognized. 

For the past several years, Uppers has won the preference of clients who want to hire dedicated and seasoned developers, designers, marketers, and more. This agency has a reputable track record, having worked with numerous successful businesses both in Australia and beyond. 

4. PageTraffic Inc

PageTraffic Inc is an award-winning SEO agency based in Sydney. The agency has offices in Chicago, New Delhi, London, and other countries across the globe. PageTraffic Inc earns a space on this list of most trusted SEO companies for the small local business based on results.

The agency’s main objective is to empower small-scale e-business, helping them generate the maximum ROI with efficient SEO services. PageTraffic Inc doesn’t specialize in a particular business category; the SEO consultants are known for an all-around experience to fix various digital marketing problems within the shortest time possible.

5. SEM Nexus

SEM Nexus is a mobile app digital marketing company in Sydney. The SEO agency focus on providing excellent results to clients especially, small local business owners. They are experts at local SEO, providing exceptional web design and complete Search Engine Optimization for small and large local businesses in Sydney. 

What separates this agency from others is learning their client’s business operations to understand the problems and provide lasting solutions accurately within a short time frame. The agency projects innovation, excellence, and creativity through sound mobile digital marketing. You may visit their official website to learn more about their services and terms of operations.

6. SEO Shark.

SEO Shark is a top-notch digital marketing company based in Sydney’s CBD. This SEO agency manages organic search, reputation management, and social media campaigns. Aside from SEO services, they also offer web development and design services. This SEO firm has been in the industry for over ten years, managing online campaigns and streamlining businesses’ digital marketing efforts.

SEO shark locates their offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. If you are starting your online marketing efforts or seeking to strengthen your online presence, SEO Shark can be a good choice for you. 

This SEO agency focuses on Google. That’s because the search engine dominates in Australia. 

7. Cavani Digital Solutions 

CDS came alive in 2016. The digital marketing agency’s primary objective is to help small local businesses attain the same online success level as big enterprises.  This agency prides itself on its commitment to the smaller business website to gain space on the first page of every search results on major search engines. 

Many SEO agencies work with small businesses in Sydney, but CDS wins to make deliberate efforts to make local businesses thrive online. To hire this agency for your SEO projects, you can check their website contact page for contact details. 

8. Infidigit

Infidigit is an assured solution for every SEO-related issue and aim of small local businesses. You can check some of the agency’s Unique Selling points to convince you to hire them for your SEO needs. They include a better conversion rate, more traffic, brand visibility, and more.

Infidigit, stay on top of their game by being updated and efficient in all the new SEO industry developments. The company boasts some SEO experts who are always at alert, looking for up-to-the-minute updates to make sure they provide you with SERP rankings and organic traffic.

As an SEO company based in Sydney, it is imperative to have the skills and fruitful SEO campaign implementation. Infidigit prides overs the numerous SEO-proven results which most of the loyal clients testifies. This agency works with a team of SEO experts that focuses on providing SEO services for big and small local businesses.


Sydney is an oasis of several top-notch SEO agencies ready to give their best to help small local businesses thrive online. Though most SEO agencies prefer working with large enterprises to get more pay, I can guarantee that the above-listed SEO firms derive pleasure working with smaller businesses. You can visit their various official websites to get in touch to put your business in professional hands.